Over time, we've created multiple resources to help us diagnose, support and improve the health of our clients' digital marketing strategies

Here, these are available to purchase as individual tools. The first of these is the Digital Marketing Optimisation Tool. This diagnoses the health of the website, blog and social platforms of a given company, isolates the areas that can be improved and explains how.

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Diagnose marketing success at scale

The Partner Benchmarking Tool

The Partner Benchmarking Tools is a group of resources and tools that analyse a company’s marketing efforts and quantify their health across three main metrics: Website, Blog and Social.

The platform is designed for companies with their own partnership channels, since it performs this detailed analysis at scale. This is perfect for companies looking to support their channel’s learning and development.

This benchmarking tool gives you unique insights into the success of your partner network, and provides the individual companies within it, the resources they need to improve.

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Case Study: Microsoft

The Digital Marketing Optimisation Platform

Microsoft recently purchased a white-labelled version of the digital marketing optimisation platform to be used and distributed amongst the Microsoft Partner Network. This gives Microsoft their own version of the platform, which they can entirely customise to work with their own applications and within their own technical ecosystem. It provides Partners that use it with valuable information and resources to aid their digital marketing campaigns.

It also provides Microsoft with detailed insights into the users in their own network and gain richer insights about its overall performance. They can now take this information and use it to create another layer of value to the overall Microsoft Partnership offering.

Purchasing Plans

White Label

A white label version of the Digital Marketing Optimisation Platform lets you supercharge your Partner Network’s digital marketing efforts, with your own uniquely branded version of the resource. This comes with all its features and resources:

• Full five stages of functionality
• Customer branding and colour scheme
• Regularly updated ‘Knowledge Base’ content
• Add your own content


The API version of the Digital Marketing Optimisation Platform is designed for companies whose partners operate within a unique environment or ecosystem. This takes the audit and evaluation algorithms of the platform and integrates it within your existing system. It includes:

• Developer integration
• Bespoke pricing model
• Queries for 40 test results
• Returns scores for clients processing


For companies looking to distribute specialist content throughout their channels, without the marketing optimisation algorithms, this content-only alternative is the best option.

This takes the same content and allows you to brand and distribute it among your own channels in whichever way is most useful to you. It includes:

• Over 100 Knowledge Base videos
• Customised branding
• Subscription pricing model
• Available separately or as part of the API

What our clients say about us

“The team at Fifty Five and Five really ‘get’ Microsoft. They understand its products and services, it’s tools and technologies. But most of all they understand partners and what we are trying to achieve.”

Tim Wallis – Owner
Content and Code

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The Digital Marketing Optimisation Platform is highly customisable. If you want to discuss a unique solution for your business, or to buy Maya for your business, get in touch with the Insights team today.

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